Spirit Boxing

Integrated Martial Arts and Yoga

Build cardiovascular, isometric and plyometric strength while discovering flexibility and focus in a supportive atmosphere

Join me for group workshops, drop-in and outdoor classes. Youth Programming & Private Sessions by appointment

Current schedule  below.

 Inquiries & Registration: spiritboxing.bklyn@gmail.com


WINTER / SPRING 2013 WORKSHOPS for Women & Transpeople 

Introductory Workshop  Limit of 8 Participants (Yoga Mat and Indoor Sneakers Required; all other equipment provided)

4 Wednesdays 6:30pm – 8pm $115 (returning students $100)

(Jan 23 – Feb 13, 2013)

Registration & full payment due: 01/08/13

Get in shape as we learn boxing basics in this workshop style course.  Warm up with Sun Salutations, Jump Rope Cardio and Shadow Boxing. Expect a weekly in depth focus on stance, footwork, punch combinations, defensive strategyWe re-create a boxing gym for circuit-style training, refining technique using the Heavy Bag, Focus Mitt & Partner Drills. We strengthen using a Yogic Upper / Body Core Conditioning Routine, Plyometric Power Drills, as well as Focus / Breath Technique, Wrist Therapy & Restorative Asana. Along with technical and individualized instruction, you will learn how to wrap your hands. Empower yourself with a rigorous introduction to this archetypical, performative sport.
yment: January 8th, 2013

Multilevel: Appropriate for absolute beginners to boxers wanting a focus on basics.

Open Level Workshop:  Limit of 8 Participants        

8 Wednesdays 6:30pm – 8:30pm    $240   

Begins Feb 20th, 2013                                                     

Registration & Payment Deadline: 02/06/13

Moving beyond the fundamentals, we pick up the pace, starting right where we left off. Expect ramped up combinations, partner drills, cardio, conditioning and asana. Challenge yourself by deepening your movement repertoire, technique and core strength. We build technique with speed, precision & fierce focus, balanced with the grace and grounding of yoga.

Pre-requisite: Intro workshop or instructor permission. Jump ropes & gloves provided.

PayPal Rates Spirit Boxing Workshops 2013
Intro Workshop (90min) $115.00 USD
Returning Student Rate (Intro only) $100.00 USD
Open Level (2hr) $240.00 USD



Join us for a weekly jog in Prospect Park, with shadowboxing and footwork drills thrown in, as well as conditioning and interval training. All are welcome for a good sweat in the evening breeze, to finish at sunset with a grin.

Convene at Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn (rain or shine)

See you in the Spring!                                                          


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